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Gerald Rempel


403-556-4038 (School)
Key Roles

What I Do at OKCS

My official title is Off Campus Learning Coordinator and Career Counsellor. I am enjoying the challenges of the position and helping students in a different way.  I still teach Grade 9 Options, CALM 20, Bible 35, Math 10-3, Grade 6 Social Studies and Science, and  coach the Senior Girls Volleyball team.

What I Do When I'm Not at School

During the warm part of the year I try to have things grow in my garden and cross projects off my "To Do" list.  I try to get out to paddle my canoe whenever I can, with or without other members of my family. Vacations usually invole some camping or travelling. When it gets cold, I have been known to take walks through the bush on my snowshoes, but I enjoy my wood stove too much to spend a lot of time outside in the bitter cold.

Since my children have moved to the more independent stages of life, I am getting used to having fewer people around the house, and the benefits in the next phase of life.