Student Handbook

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  • ANNOUNCEMENTS - Announcements are made over the P.A. system at 8:45 each day. Any announcements to be made should be handed in to the office by 8:40.
  • CHAPELS/ASSEMBLIES - Elementary and High School chapels are held each week. Students should bring their Bibles to chapel each week.
  • EMERGENCY/FIRE DRILL PROCEDURES - Fire drills are held about 6 times per year. The evacuation route for each classroom is posted just inside the classroom door. In the event of an emergency or a drill, all occupants of the building are to follow the prescribed evacuation procedure quickly and silently.
  • HOURS OF OPERATION - OKCS begins classes at 8:45 am with a warning bell at 8:42. Dismissal time is 3:15 pm. Noon break is from 11:46 - 12:26. The doors to the high school are locked each day at 4:15 pm. There will be no access to the building after that time.
  • BUSES NOT RUNNING - Families involved in busing should refer to the Parent's Guide to School Busing which are handed out to all bus families at the beginning of the school year.
  • SCHOOL SUPPLIES - A supply list is provided on the website at the beginning of each year. Supplies should be clearly labeled with the student's name.
  • OKCS Newsletter - A monthly newsletter is sent to every family in the school. One student from each family is designated to deliver the newsletter. It is imperative that it be taken home conscientiously and given to a parent that day. Announcements to be published in the newsletter must be given to the secretary no later than 10:30 am on the first Monday of the month.  The newsletter is published the first Thursday of each month.