Student Handbook 4

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- CAREER COUNSELLING - Students who have questions regarding post-secondary education or employment should see the Career Resource person in the library. The OKCS library has an extensive file on post-secondary educational institutions as well a computer program designed to assist in determining the best educational options for each student.

- COMPUTER USE - The computers in the computer lab or in another classroom may be used by students outside of class time with the permission of that classroom teacher. Computers are to be used carefully and responsibly. No food or drinks are permitted while using computers. No outside disks are permitted. SEE Internet Access

- EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES - Extra-curricular activities available to students include volleyball, basketball, badminton, track and field, intramurals, student council, yearbook committee, musical ensembles, worship teams, Mexico mission, Mustard Seed ministry and other ministry opportunities. All students are encouraged to become involved in extra-curricular activities.

- HOT LUNCHES - Hot lunches are provided as a fundraiser usually every Thursday.  Hot Lunch must be odered in advance. 

- INTERNET ACCESS - Internet access is with supervision only. The librarian is available to help or supervise students who wish to do research or other school related work by using the internet. The library computers are out of bounds to students without the specific permission of the librarian or the assistance of a teacher.

- INTRAMURALS - Intramural sports at noon hours are available to all students on a sign-up basis. Students are encouraged to participate.

- LOST AND FOUND - A lost and found container is maintained in the elementary school link for items that may have been lost by students. Students may search for lost items in this container at any time. Each month the Lost and Found will be emptied and the items donated to the local thrift store.

- LOCKERS AND PERSONAL BELONGINGS - Each student is assigned a locker for his/her personal belongings. No locks are provided nor are they generally considered necessary in OKCS. Should you find it necessary to lock your locker, a key or the combination must be provided for your home room teacher and the vice-principal. Personal belongings - books, clothing, etc. - should be labelled clearly with the student's name. Personal belongings that are not in a closed bag and are left on top of the lockers or lying around in the school building will be confiscated. Tape should not be used inside lockers. Pictures and posters should follow the principle laid down in Philippians 4:8.

- MEDICATIONS - Students should take responsibility for any medication they may have been prescribed. Should this not be possible, the medication may be dispensed from the office. Tylenol will not be given out by the school without a permission note from a parent.

- MILK PROGRAM - White or chocolate milk are available at noon hour for the price of one milk ticket. Ice cream is sold on Tuesdays & Fridays. Milk tickets may be purchased at the school office, 10 for $7.50. They are not sold individually.

- PHOTOCOPIER USE - Students may use the photocopier only with the supervision of a teacher or the secretary. The cost is 10 cents per copy for personal use (assignments, etc.). Payment is required prior to use.

- STUDENT COUNCIL - The student council is chosen by the student body from among the Grades 7-12 students. The council consists of the president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer and a junior high representative from each class.

- TELEPHONE/CELL PHONE USE - The telephone for student use is located outside the main office. No other phone in any building may be used by students without special permission. Students must obtain a telephone permission slip signed by their homeroom teacher to use the phone. Students who need to take a phone call in the high school building may take it in any classroom with a telephone. Students will not be called to telephone during class time except in case of emergency. Personal cell phones are not allowed during the school day.

- VENDING MACHINES - These machines are for the use of Junior/Senior High students during lunch hours and after school. The candy machine may be used at breaks. Funds are used by the Student Council for student activities and projects such as the Handybus, sports activities, student fun days, etc.